Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The Hidden Treasures Tour Toolkit

I've been set an amazing challenge. To travel around the UK for RoadTour, unearthing Britain's hidden treasures, for our corporate delectation.

After several weeks of preparation and planning, I'm all set to start my quest. I've drawn up a Tour Toolkit and you can follow my travels over the next few months by watching this very space:


My Campervan (and co-treasure hunter) who I will be attempting to steer up hill and down dale - will also provide me with an occasional bed for the night and ample office space

My mobile phone and the means to keep it juiced up

A veritable library of history, travel and guide books which I've collected over the years (for a moment like this.)

My RoadTour Sat Nav which includes a handy guide to UK pubs, inns and audio info on 600 heritage sites

Roadmaps (for back up)

Laptop + GPRS thing which gives me speedy www connection and digi-cam to record all unearthed treasure

Membership passes for National Trust / English Heritage / Historic Scotland / Cadw /AA (all of which i plan to put to good use - with the exception of the latter)

My address book so that I can look up all the friends and family I've not seen for years and hopefully take advantage of their hospitality and local knowledge

Open road, here I come...!

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